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Club House Facilities
Club House Regulations:
  1. The Club is intended for exclusive enjoyment of No.8 Waterloo Road Resident Cardholders. Guests should be accompanied by a valid Resident Cardholder in order to access and use the Club facilities.
  2. The Club reserves the right to restrict admission of any guests.
  3. All users should dress properly.
  4. Pets are not allowed in the Club.
  5. Please keep the Club clean and quiet.
  6. Please do not smoke, gamble, eat or drink inside the Club (specified areas are excepted).
  7. No person should remove or damage the Club's properties. Residents are responsible for the damages of facilities caused by themselves or their guests. Full compensation must be made.
  8. The Club will take no responsibility for occurrence of any accident or injury sustained by the residents or guests, whether or not such accident or injury is caused by the negligence of the Club staff.
  9. No photo shooting, video or voice recording are allowed in the Club unless approved by the Club.
  10. No private coaching is permitted unless approved by the Club.
  11. No donations, private parties or activities are allowed in the Club.
  12. Advertising materials should not be posted or exhibited in the Club.
  13. The Club Price List is posted at the Reception Counter, payment should be made by cash or Octopus Card.
  14. The Club reserves the right to close the facilities for activities organized by Club.
  15. The Club reserves the right to close the facilities for cleaning, maintenance work or any unforeseeable reasons without prior notice.
  16. The Club will take no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of the belongings brought into the Club premises by both residents and guests, whether they are left in public areas or lockers provided.
  17. The Club reserves the right to refuse any entry, or request any person to leave, who considered to be in breach of any rules or behaved in disorderly manner.
  18. Facilities may be closed due to bad weather and notice will be posted.
  19. The Club users have to follow all facilities’ Rules and Regulations. For details, please refer to the Rules and Regulations posted outside each facility or enquire our Club Officers.
  20. The Club reserves the right to amend the above Rules and Regulations without prior notice.